Make distant teaching and learning

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SmartJen is a learning management system designed to operate an essential part of education: worksheets and evaluations.

Save a lot of time

  • SmartJen can generate, distribute, and collect worksheets in just a few seconds
  • it does the admin work for you wherein the traditional way would take days or weeks

Organize and collect

  • worksheets and its results are stored and organized in your dashboard
  • has real-time performance analytics where you can get instant results
  • results are shown in different useful charts

Personalize learning

  • classify your worksheet
  • personalize each worksheet to a student or a group
  • take action on the learning pattern based on the performance analytics

Smartjen for school

SmartJen have Singapore content, and whether a school uses Singapore Math method or not our worksheets are applicable to customize based on your curriculum. 


Easily evaluate and monitor each student’s progress made possible with SmartJen’s 3-in-1 system: learning managment, content management, and performance management.

Smartjen for learning centers

We value mastery of Math, Science, and English, why not try our high-quality content that is ready to use and to enhance the critical thinking of students.


Our Science and English are currently in progress but we can also digitize any of your content that will be put in our system.

Smartjen for parents

Parents have their own account and have access to their child’s real-time performance just like educators have.


SmartJen can be used as a supplement for school or homeschooled students.

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